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Welcome to Lumber Woman & Co.

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Live Edge Slabs, Kiln Drying, Surfacing, Sanding, and Finishing.

The best part of my business is meeting with my clients and having them pick out what they want!! The client can pick out the wood preference, how thick, how wide, and how long, stain or no stain,  and last oil, poly, or an epoxy finish. This is why it's important to come in and touch and see the different types of wood and finishes.


Questions about the services we provide? Feel free to reach out today.

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Designed with You in Mind


Freshly Milled

Freshly Milled

Milled wood that is ready to be dried.

Air Dried

Slabs dried from the outdoors

Slabs that have been dried outside and are ready to be crafted.


Kiln Dried

Slabs dried with dehumidification and heat

Slabs dried in an average of 6 weeks.

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When you call Lumber Woman & Co you will get me the owner, CEO, and mom.


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